More opportunities to play with, learn, and practice math.

Providing more opportunities for children to do math is an essential element in helping to improve math achievement in elementary students. But more math does not mean more worksheets and workbooks. Mathematics activities need to be engaging, interesting, challenging, relevant, and fun. Just like with reading, children need the opportunity to do more fun math inside and outside of the classroom, before and after school, at home with their families, and throughout the entire day, all year long.

Exploring Math Programs

  • Create math opportunities outside of the classroom
  • Involve the entire student community
  • Engage the school families
  • Help reduce summer learning loss
  • Provide one-on-one teacher development opportunities for existing staff members
  • Math Clubs: Provide an opportunity for students to practice their math skills and conceptual knowledge in a fun, non-intimidating environment.

  • Monthly Math Challenge Boards: Rally the entire school community together to work on different mathematical challenges each month, which are displayed on an artistically designed bulletin board provided by EIM.

  • Family Math Game Nights: Bring families, students, teachers and administrators together one night per quarter to play math games, teach parents how to engage in fun math activities at home, and have a great time.

  • Summer Math Camp: Minimize the learning loss that students experience over the long summer break by offering fun and engaging two-week long summer day camps focused solely on math around topics such as Exploring Art and Architecture and History of Numbers.

  • Mathematician in Residence: Help teachers build their confidence in math and their repertoire of fun and educational math activities by providing an expert math coach in the school a few hours each week to work directly with teachers in their classrooms.

All EIM materials adhere to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards (NCTM) and the Washington State’s Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs).


Is improving math achievement in your elementary school one of your school’s top two priorities for the next three years? If so, please contact Explorations in Math to find out more about the Exploring Math Programs and how EIM can help you build a math focused culture in your school where teachers, parents, administrators and students work together to help all students succeed in math.

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