How To Do Homework with ADHD & Study Better

Doing homework with ADHD can prove an uphill battle. Besides the challenge of focusing, a learner with ADHD may be hasty in doing assignments and easily distracted by various elements in their environment. 

As such, you should find ways to keep calm and avoid burnout to overcome various ADHD homework struggles. This article will analyze some ADHD homework strategies to help you overcome common challenges that impair your capacity to handle assignments. 

ADHD homework tips

1. Create a conducive study environment

This is among the best tips on how to stay focused on homework with ADHD. Given the compromised focus of a learner with ADHD, slight conflicts from alternative activities can easily sideline attention to the more engaging activity.

As such, setting your study area on the bed or next to the television is bound to undermine all your efforts to do homework. Ideally, find a space that limits all distractions and blocks off access to games and social media.

Also, consider playing white noise in the background to overcome surrounding noises that might interfere with your focus as you study. 

2. Come up with a consistent schedule

Consistency is a strategy on how to get homework done with ADHD. After establishing a given duration for homework, your learner is better placed to master their focus and channel it to study. 

Ideally, schedule your homework session shortly after medication as the learner is calmer at this time. Also, establish their productivity cycles and plan your study sessions for durations when they can comfortably study. 

This, as opposed to planning for homework when they are tired, allows for more productive sessions and a higher capacity to focus on assignments. 

3. Chunk your study sessions

Handling long study sessions can be tedious for any student. The challenge is doubled when you introduce ADHD into the mix. You should plan for thirty-minute study sessions and take a five-minute break where a learner can engage in some activity.

This approach allows your learner to recharge and reenergize for the subsequent session. You could adjust the length of study sessions depending on your learner’s attention span. After three sessions, allow the learner a long break to indulge in an activity of their liking.

You could use a Pomodoro planner to time your learner and observe their sessions to ensure productive study. 

4. Make it entertaining

Boredom is a top cause of various ADHD homework struggles. Boring assignments make it easy to get distracted, resulting in a struggle to ensure productivity. 

When possible, consult your tutor for creative assignments that appeal to your learner’s interests. Alternatively, seek various approaches to spice up your assignment and interact with the ideas in the best manner for your learners. 

You could, for instance, employ gamification for math assignments, helping learners visualize concepts and further their understanding of various concepts. 

5. Seek assistance

Challenging questions can easily drain your focus and kill your motivation to do homework. Instead of struggling with a question you are not familiar with, seek guidance from your tutor.

This not only allows you to manage the assignment on time but also to overcome fear, which could have easily prompted procrastination. You may also opt to study on platforms that take approaches that are suitable for your study methods, improving upon the knowledge you acquired within classroom study. 

6. Use rewards and give positive feedback

Rewards are top on the list among the strategies on how to motivate yourself to do homework with ADHD. When handling long assignments, you may easily get bored as the reward for your effort is delayed until you complete your work.

Rewards are a great way to give meaning to the achievement of each milestone in your efforts to complete your homework. We recommend that you employ incremental rewards to promote a drive for handling your assignments. 

Final take

Handling assignments with ADHD does not have to be a challenge. These tips should come in handy to help you complete your assignments and overcome various limitations associated with ADHD.