Explorations In Math

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Our volunteers help Explorations in Math advance its mission to build sustainable math culture in elementary school communities through a variety of assignments, from playing math games with kids at events to serving on our board of directors.

We need you to help us move math forward.


We can’t do it alone. When you direct your time, energy and skills to volunteering with Explorations in Math, you extend the reach of the math movement and help transform beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes of everyone in our partner elementary school communities, ensuring a brighter future for more of today’s elementary students.


Students need a solid foundation in math in elementary school. Your engagement as an Explorations in Math volunteer can help reverse troubling trends in math education.


We commit to ensuring your volunteer experience is rewarding, impactful, and of course, fun! We always add new volunteer opportunities, so keep checking back to find the best assignment for your interests, skills, and schedule.

Interested in helping expand our volunteer program?

E-mail your name and contact information to Carol Ryan and let’s talk!

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