Explorations In Math

What: Help Plan Make a Move for Math, Explorations in Math’s annual fundraising dinner.
When: This planning committee meets 7:30-8:30pm on the first Wednesday of the month from September – January; the first meeting will be on September 7th  at the  Explorations in Math office, 1404 East Yesler Way, Suite 204, Seattle, 98122
How you will help: Explorations in Math is seeking volunteers to join our planning committee for our fifth annual fundraising dinner, Make a Move for Math.  We’re in need of enthusiastic volunteers to help us in the following key areas:

  • Event theme
  • Procurement of wine to be donated for the event
  • Speaker procurement/ event program
  • Strategy & ideas for possible revenue generating activities (ex. wine auction/grab, dessert dash, silent auction, etc.)
  • Table captain strategy & recruitment
  • Pre-event Mini-MathFest Planning

The functions of the committee include:

  • Act as community ambassadors for Explorations in Math
  • Communicate with Explorations in Math staff about status of assigned tasks
  • Provide ideas and advice to the Explorations in Math staff
  • Attend one-hour monthly meetings – calling in to meetings is an option
  • Ensure that the guests, table captains and sponsors are greeted and thanked at the event

Details on Make a Move for Math:

DATE:                     February 3, 2012
TIME (tentative):     6:00 – 7:30pm Reception    7:30 – 10:00pm Dinner and Program
LOCATION:              Georgetown Ballroom

Benefits: You and your fellow volunteers will:

  • Gain experience planning a fundraiser
  • Find an outlet for your creativity, energy and organizational skills
  • Increase your familiarity with Explorations in Math and
  • Advance the math movement and make it possible for us to continue our work building sustainable math culture in our partner elementary-school communities.

Contact: Megan Wildenradt at meganwi@eimath.org or 206-325-0774 with any questions