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Published on January 23 2012

We all know there are scores, hundreds, thousands of math-related websites out there. You can spend hours searching and then exploring different sites. Here’s a shortcut: periodically, I’ll be sharing some good websites with you including a summary of the content, whether or not it has ads, whether or not I think it’s worthwhile and, of course, the URL. I have checked them all recently. Meanwhile, here’s the first go-round:


This site lives up to its name: it offers math in fun ways for students, teachers and families. It is aesthetically inviting and user-friendly. You can choose from a variety of math topics from the “Math Menu,” such as Numbers, Algebra or Geometry. After selecting Geometry, for instance, you can choose from a well laid-out, long list of sub-headings (Angles, Plane & Solid Geometry and Using Drafting Tools), which offer explanations, diagrams, formulas, etc. The site includes a comprehensive “Illustrated Math Dictionary,” lots of “Math Puzzles” and cool interactive, online “Math Games,” as well as “Math Worksheets” for students. You can also participate in the “Math Forum,” where users have posted/responded to math questions, math resources, puzzles/games and even age appropriate jokes. This site is a very engaging educational resource for teachers and students alike. You will have to sign up for the Math Forum but that’s quick and simple. The site carries no ads.


Wonderfully accessible resources for teachers, students and families:  clicking on the math index directs the user to math content, where a number of math problems and activities can be accessed.  This website is also helpful because it cites the specific content/math reasoning used for each problem. It’s bright and colorful, and greatly appeals to students. It’s easy to navigate and all information is easily accessible and is completely free of charge.  Additionally, this website can be accessed entirely in Spanish. There is also a “Family Corner” with tips for parents and challenges for the whole family. The site is geared to upper elementary and middle school. This is an NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) site. It is ad-free.

You can find additional websites that our team recommends here.  If you have some websites to recommend, please leave that information in the “comments” box for others to read. Thanks!

Dave Gardner

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