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Avoiding the Summer Slide at Math Camp

Published on August 18 2011

Last week we hosted Art & Architecture Summer Math Camp at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square.  Kids had a blast with FUN math and finished the week with a build out of their own city.  There was a hot debate over naming the city – Geo Town or Hexagon Haven?  Geo Town won – check out our video for some highlights.

Some of our favorite quotes from the week include:

“When he was in first grade [my son] had a math teacher who convinced him he was not good at math. He picked things up quickly but he hated having the repetition, and not being able to work with the ideas and things.  So this week – this camp – he’s absolutely loved it! He’s had so much fun.  As soon as he gets home he starts working on whatever it was he did at camp.  And he’s just had a blast.  He has a few math books at home, and he actually took one out the other day and started working on it.  So he’s really jazzed! “

-Math Camp Parent

“Math is in everything, basically!”

- Math Camp Attendee

“I thought this was a really great idea – all the interactive games the kids play!  We met earlier, and knew the plan for each day, so there were not many surprises for us as volunteers.  I think it’s a really good volunteer opportunity, and I had a lot of fun.  I’ll be applying again next year. “

-Volunteer Math Camp Counselor

It’s not too late to sign up for summer math camp!  We’ll be offering a Nature Detectives camp for students entering 1st and 2nd grade beginning on August 22nd at the Toy Place @ Bellevue Art and Frame. Click here to register.

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