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Noteworthy Summer Reading

Published on August 10 2011

We have been reading many research articles this summer focusing on how to help children learn.  As teachers, parents & para-educators, we know you have been too.  And that’s why all summer we’ve been bringing you tips and ideas – supported by this research - that you can implement in your home TODAY!

Numberplay: The Danger of Praise – The New York Times

  • Math Matters | Praise - As parents and teachers, we all praise our children, but are we doing it in a way that promotes achievement?

Adding it up: Research shows how early math lessons change children’s brains – Stanford School of Medicine

  • Explorations in Math | Why K-5? - For lifelong success in math, kids need a great start –they need to be at standard or above—in their earliest school years.

Primer on Summer Learning Loss – Reading Is Fundamental

  • Math Matters | Where’s the Math? - We can keep our children out of the Summer Slide and fully engaged in math over the summer by doing fun math things with them – here’s some tips how!

Studies Find Students Learn More by ‘Acting Out’ Text – Education Week

  • Explorations in Math | Summer Math Camps – A tactile, immersive, and FUN way for kids to play math over the Summer!

We launched our Math Matters blog this summer by our Mathematician-in-Residence, Dave Gardner, to bring you thoughtful tips and discussion on math education.  So, if you’ve been reading – thank you! Please let us know what you think, and what issues YOU want covered.

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