Explorations In Math

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Summer Camps for Grades 1 & 2:

Discovering Nature Detectives

Nature Detectives seek out and discover the properties of various shapes found in our natural world.  They use pattern blocks to learn shape recognition, measure to determine circumference, and learn to use measurement tools in analyzing and sorting various shapes.

Some of the topics covered in this unit are:

  • Posing questions and gathering data about their surroundings.
  • Representing data using concrete objects, pictures, and graphs.
  • Recognizing, naming, building, sorting, comparing and drawing two dimensional shapes.
  • Sorting, classifying and ordering objects by size, number, and other properties.
  • Describing qualitative change.

The lessons and activities are supplemented by games such as Continuo, Hue Knew, Blink, Measuring Monkeys and Supermind, which enhance students’ learning of the concepts presented.

Discovering Adventures in Arrghrithmetic

Swashbuckling primary mathematicians enrolled in the Adventures in Arrghrithmetic camp develop mathematical skills by participating in activities with a pirate theme. The activities, games and books in the camp focus on concepts such as measurement, geometry, time, navigation, technology, number sense and problem solving.

Some of the topics covered in the unit are:

  • Using geometry and measurement to create pirate hats, ships and flags
  • Exploring modern and historical measures of time and working with simple clocks such as pendulums and hour glasses
  • Developing spatial reasoning by creating and using navigational charts and treasure maps
  • Exploring the relationship between math and technology by building and using navigational instruments such as compasses and weather vanes
  • Exploring number sense by examining modern and historical coins and by playing a variety of games involving dice.

The lessons and activities in the camp are supplemented by games such as Krypto, Super Six, Snap it Up and Loose Change which enhance the students’ learning of the concepts presented in the camp.

Summer Camps for Grades 3-5:

Exploring Geometry in Art and Architecture

Students in the Art and Architecture camp will work together to learn about how geometry affects art, architecture, and city design.  They will create many different objects with the use of paper, cardboard, straws, paperclips and string.

Some of the topics covered in this unit are:

  • Understanding and recognizing line symmetry through drawings.
  • Learning congruent, translation, reflection and rotation by creating tessellated art and quilting.
  • Learning topology– the stretching and twisting of a geometrical shape and about parallel, perpendicular and intersecting lines.
  • Drawing to scale, graphing and mapping a city that is created from cardboard boxes.
  • Plotting points on a coordinate plane by using the maps they created for their city.

The lessons and activities are supplemented by mathematical games such as Rush Hour, River Crossing and Jenga.

Exploring the History of Numbers

Students in the History of Numbers camp will work together to learn about the history of counting; how numbers were developed and the development of ancient number systems.  Students will also be learning about bartering and the development of our monetary system.  They will learn what makes something valuable and what constitutes a fair trade.  They will create skits based on the story Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst, and will learn to count money quickly and accurately.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Writing and adding Roman, Greek and Mayan numbers.
  • Writing and reading numbers in the millions and trillions.
  • Estimating large amounts by breaking them down into small controllable parts.
  • Understanding how value is determined.
  • Skip counting.

Students will also be playing ancient games like Mancala, Tapatan, and Men’s Morris.  These games will help with a child’s analytical thinking.  View the full History of Numbers camp curriculum.