Explorations In Math


  1. A square brick wall is one row of bricks higher and one column of bricks narrower than a second brick wall. How many more bricks are in the first wall? Answer »
  2. Mr. Fandango is building a fence. He places 15 fence posts 8 feet apart. What is the distance from the first post to the last? Answer »
  3. There are red, green, and yellow M&Ms in a bowl. All but four M&Ms are red, all but four are green, and all but four are yellow. How many M&Ms are there altogether? Answer »
  4. The area of a square is 144 square inches. The square has the same perimeter as a regular hexagon. How long is one side of the hexagon? Answer »
  5. You have two pitchers. One holds five quarts, the other holds three quarts. Using only the two pitchers, How can you measure out exactly one quart of water? With the same two pitchers, how can you measure out four quarts of water? Answer »
  6. A man wants to build a square fence around his garden. There will be five fence posts on each side. How many fence posts will he need? Answer »