Explorations In Math

Math Product Reviews

Take a look at EIM staff game recommendations!

Jennifer Gaer, Program Director and Mary Cropp,  Director of Curriculum and Training both love playing Blink with their family! Think SPEED but with numbers, shapes and colors.
Since each round takes only two minutes to play, Blink is a perfect game to play when waiting at a restaurant or before heading out the door to catch the school bus. This game is under $5 and is fast fun for ages 5-95- you can find it at Target or Amazon.

Manuela Crowley, EIM’s Mathematician in Residence, loves Rat A Tat Cat! A great game for 2-4 players, King Rat helps develop quick counting skills and concepts like “greater than” and “less than”. The card graphics are funny and subtle. Perfect for grades K-3

Michelle Gnuschke, EIM’s Program Manager and Teacher loves IZZI. This is a great visual puzzler that keeps you thinking! It can be played solo or with a friend and is much more fun than solitaire. Ideal for ages 8-adult! You can find it at Target or Amazon- enjoy!

Carol Ryan, EIM’s Director of Volunteer Engagement, loves to play Sum Swamp with her 4 and 7 year olds. Sum Swamp is a great tool for exposing younger children to math concepts and a great way for older children to show calculating prowess! Sum Swamp is under $15.

Try out FITS- a fun combo of Tetris and Blokus! Great for 2-4 players! The object is to skillfully fill in your game board so that all the differently shaped tiles fit together without spaces.  Happy puzzling!