Explorations In Math

Expanding the scope and increasing engagement in the Math Movement

“Highly comfortable”, “very committed” and “super-duper fun” are just a few examples of how our teachers, parents and students are reacting to the increased math culture in their communities.  These are in tandem with the many accomplishments we’ve seen this past year at Explorations in Math. By moving math beyond the school walls, creating a meaningful connection between kids and math, and helping elementary school communities focus on specific math goals and measures we’ve seen a math culture continue to grow and flourish in Puget Sound.


Populations we served included:

  • 1,546 students in 85 math clubs;
  • 4,040 family members at 27 family math nights;
  • 10,930 student responses to 99 monthly math challenges;
  • 26 teachers with our Mathematician in Residence program;
  • Over 950 parents & para-educators across 20 Family MathWays and Professional MathWays Sessions; and
  • 375 students in 14 Summer Math Camps.


What they are saying about our incredible year:

  • “Math is important because it is a part of our everyday lives.”—5thgrader
  • “This was my first MathFest and honestly it was one of the most organized, thoughtful, and innovative events for kids I’ve ever been to. You and your team are amazing! Seriously, I was blown away.”  - John Muir Parent- MathFest 2010
  • “The MIR experience got me to thinking about math differently. I’m excited about teaching math now!” - Elementary School Teacher
  • “You have no idea what you have started at Rachel Carson; immediately after you left (remember, no power) teachers played math games; it was awesome. The music teacher played salute with musical notes! One teacher’s class went home and were so excited about math, they all did their math homework…first time they all did it! Our primary first session is almost completely full! This is really exciting.”- Mary Cronin, principal, Rachel Carson Elementary in Sammamish
  • “When he was in first grade [my son] had a math teacher who convinced him he was not good at math. He picked things up quickly but he hated having the repetition, and not being able to work with the ideas and things. So this week – this camp – he’s absolutely loved it! He’s had so much fun. As soon as he gets home he starts working on whatever it was he did at camp. And he’s just had a blast. He has a few math books at home, and he actually took one out the other day and started working on it. So he’s really jazzed! “ -Math Camp Parent, Art & Architecture Math Camp, 2011
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