Explorations In Math

Our programs prove that math can be rigorous yet doable, difficult yet fun, challenging yet rewarding!

We adhere to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards (NCTM) and Washington state math standards, and—with the help of teachers, principals and parents—help students develop a healthy, happy relationship with math.


Here’s how we do it:

  • Math Clubs: A before or after school hotspot, students revel in all manner of interactive, hands-on math activities and games. Built on a 10-week series, the math club is an all inclusive program that is meant to be offered before or after school.
  • Monthly Math Challenge Boards: Students vie to catapult their classroom to math stardom by answering this always rigorous, yet ever-practical, math question. This program is designed to engage the entire school in relevant, challenging math problems.  Ready-made bulletin boards, monthly challenge questions and prizes are delivered to the school each trimester.
  • Family Math Nights: School cafeterias can barely contain the enthusiasm of students, parents, and teachers as they play math games together. EIM provides the “know-how” on how to facilitate this engaging event for the community.
  • Summer Math Camp: As fun as camping, canoeing and crafts combined, these camps keep math momentum rolling throughout the summer. A two-week, all inclusive 30- hour curriculum is designed to eliminate summer learning loss and increase math competency in fun and exciting ways.
  • Mathematician in Residence: A 36-week, two hour, in-school, teacher development program that teams an expert math coach with a teacher in his or her classroom.  Teachers build their confidence in teaching math and their repertoire of fun and educational math activities to better engage their students in mathematics.
  • Parent Education/Professional Development: Parents and out-of-school-time (OST) providers get a taste of the fun kids can have “playing math,” and build their own confidence and enthusiasm for engaging kids in math.

Contact us today to find out about these and our other cool math programs, and how we engage with elementary school communities to transform attitudes about math.

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