Fun Math Activities

Just as practice is the key to success on the athletic field, so too is it the key to success in school. If a child never thought that she would play basketball on the weekends, or had the dream of playing in high school or college, would she be out on the court every day practicing her free throws? The same is true for academic knowledge. If students don’t see themselves using math in a fun and enjoyable way in the immediate and long term future, then what is their incentive to learn algebra? Focused, educational, extra-curricular activities which make a student’s school work fun and relevant to their lives are necessities to creating strong mathematicians.

Educators and parents should constantly look for ways for students to use their math skills outside of the classroom.

Let Explorations in Math help you begin these elements in your school today! Top 10 activities an elementary school can do to improve students’ math skills.

1. Start a math club filled with fun and excitement. This club is for all students including those that struggle in math, those that find math boring and those that excel in math.
2. Send two teachers per year to the National Conference for Teachers of Mathematics.
3. Give every teacher $200 to go to a math supplies store like Math 'n' Stuff to buy age appropriate math games for their classroom.
4. Have the PTSA organize a family math game night every quarter and use the games from the classrooms to teach the families to play math together.
5. Have school wide math puzzle contests.
6. Build, coach, and sponsor a Math Olympiad team.
7. Partner with a local organization to host a math camp at your school during the spring, summer, and winter breaks.
8. Raise money to bring a Mathematician in Residence into your school for a full year to work with teachers on new teaching techniques and resources for making math fun for students.
9. Buy every student a deck of cards, teach them 10 different card games, and challenge them to teach their families the same games.
10. Start a chess club.

The best way a parent can reinforce their elementary child’s math skills is to play math related games with them!

The old favorites
• Cards
• Yahtzee
• Monopoly
• Dominos
• Checkers
• Chess

Some new ones
• Blockus
• Othello
• Tri-ominos
• Apples to Apples Jr.
• Dog Dice Game
• Presto Chang-O
• Rat-A-Tat Cat

Most of these games can be found at local stores like Target™ and Blue Highway Games or the math specialty store in Seattle, Math ‘n’ Stuff.

Blue Highway Games

Math ‘n' Stuff