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Help Us Grow as our Volunteer Community Inquiry Manager

Community interest in Explorations in Math continues to grow and more people are contacting our organization every day to better understand our work and the need for a math movement to complement the literacy movement. To engage this community, Explorations in Math is recruiting a volunteer community inquiry manager. Our goal for this role is to further engage people through timely, thoughtful responses to their initial inquiries. Ultimately, this role will contribute to growing a community increasingly passionate about the need for more focus on math and motivated to contribute to some aspect of it.


Partner with the Director of Community Engagement to respond to the variety of initial inquires Explorations in Math receives:

  • Review backlog of inquiries and identify types of responses required
  • Respond to general inquiries using the FAQs
  • Work with the director to develop a “frequently asked questions” (FAQs) list
  • Contribute to creation of a system for triaging and prioritizing requests.


  • Use Microsoft Outlook or other e-mail client to review inquiries
  • Read through each inquiry and respond to questions addressed in the FAQ
  • For those inquiries not addressed in the FAQ, work with director to develop responses
  • Brainstorm with director and other staff possible alternatives for addressing needs
  • Analyze inquiry patterns for trends and recommend improvements to response triage/priority system
  • Contribute ideas for how to make the growing community more visible

Time commitment: 3-5 hours a week for 6 weeks. Position available immediately. At 6 weeks, position will be re-evaluated for possible restructuring.

This assignment can be accomplished at home after initial meetings with director.

After an initial assessment of how many responses volunteer can handle in available time, weekly goals will be established.

Skills Desired/Required: Specific experiences and strengths that will enable success in this position include:

  • Some experience in and comfort with responding to questions from the general public
  • Experience with collaboration that will inform development of tools (an FAQ) and processes to respond to public inquiries
  • Ability to work independently after FAQ and processes are established
  • Good judgment when to ask for guidance

Reports to: Andy McRea, Director of Community Engagement, andymc@eimath.org, 425-941-1626

Benefits: The volunteer in this role will gain:

  • Skills working with the public
  • Experience helping a small non-profit reach the next level of growth
  • Exposure to elementary math education
  • Opportunity to work with a passionate staff working to advance a critical mission
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