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About Us
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Explorations in Math creates an engaging environment where children and teachers work together to explore the fascinating world of math.

Mission Statement
Explorations in Math works in elementary schools to create an engaging math culture, where students, teachers and parents, work together to help all students succeed in math.


We envision math making sense to all elementary students. We see our students excited about problem solving and moving to the next level of study in math, excelling on standardized tests, and understanding how math works in their lives.


Create and deepen the math culture in schools by establishing math related activities similar to those already in place for reading and sports, such as math Olympics teams, chess tournaments, family math game nights, and a math lab, which can live and grow through the parents, teachers and students.

Provide a supportive environment in the classroom and in after school clubs for children to explore and learn the critical thinking and problems solving skills associated with math.

Expose children to advanced concepts early (ACE) in math.

Provide a variety of engaging activities surrounding math to make learning math fun.

Give children power over numbers and build their confidence in math so that they are prepared to succeed on the standardized tests.


Explorations in Math is affiliated with the educational organization Powerful Schools. They operate as the fiscal sponsor and provide Explorations in Math with administrative support, financial management, and program guidance.

Powerful Schools is an innovative inclusive non-profit organization that promotes and supports high-quality educational enrichment among coalitions of public elementary schools in Seattle with high percentages of students in need. Based in Rainier Valley, which has the most racially and economically diverse students in Seattle, Powerful Schools marshals a wide range of financial and educational resources, sponsors programs that encourage their collaborative use, and involve the entire community in the schools through partnerships, volunteer programs, and creative after-school enrichment programs. More details about the Powerful Schools organization can be found at their website. https://www.powerfulschools.org/

Executive Director

Karen Anderson


Norman Alston

Nicole Russell

Zithri Washington

Board of Directors

Katie Klein, Programs

Laura Larsen, Development

Norman Alston, Education Advisor

Larry Pollack, Principal of Wilder Elementary, Advisor

Explorations in Math