Explorations In Math

Why K-5?

For lifelong success in math, kids need a great start –they need to be at standard or above—in their earliest school years. That is why Explorations in Math focuses on students at the elementary level.

Consider this:

  • Every other 10th grader statewide is not meeting Washington math standards.
  • Only 1 in 5 10th graders is at or above standard in math among low-income students.

Click here to read more on the data from the Washington State Report Card.

Get serious about making math fun!

Explorations in Math believes that just as with literacy, we need to create a culture and movement in which confidence in and enjoyment of math is commonplace and assumed. Here’s our 5-pronged strategy for making sure that happens:

  1. Create high quality programs that adhere to state and national educational standards.
  2. Work inside and outside of the classroom.
  3. Offer a variety of fun and interesting out-of-class activities.
  4. Create confident teachers of mathematics.
  5. Build programs that can be sustained within a school over the long term.

Kids need not fear math! To make math a friend, rather than a foe, kids do need to know their teachers, parents, and community believe in them and will help them succeed.

Make sure they know YOU believe in them.