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What you give when you GiveBIG: Part 2

Published on April 18 2012

GiveBIG is only 2 weeks away! And this year, Explorations in Math is rallying support to subsidize the costs associated with offering our full suite of our programming for 3 Puget Sound schools.


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We’ve seen math culture in the making at each of our partner schools over the years.  But when you help us give the gift of math culture - what does that success look like?  It looks like John Muir Elementary -  one of EIMs original pilot schools and a strong EIM partner for the last 7 years. After a full engagement session had identified several areas of need, EIM was able to personalize the program elements and the Mathematician in Residence (MIR) to fill those needs. The principal was very interested in offering a pre-teaching workshop with her staff, something the district was unable to offer. EIM’s MIR team stepped in and made it happen. Teachers at Muir have continued to be supported by Dave Gardner, EIM’s original head teacher.  Math clubs at the school continue to be fully enrolled. The challenge board, managed by a parent, has over 40% participation each month compared to the EIM Partner School average of 25%.  Muir continues to host large Family Math Nights that bring 200+ students, parents and guardians in the door for a fun evening of games.

John Muir has been able to grow and sustain their math culture through strong leadership, an engaged and motivated staff and involved parents.

Give the same positive math culture to another school in our community.  

GiveBIG to Explorations in Math on May 2.

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