Explorations In Math

A New Chapter of Growth for Explorations in Math

Published on March 6 2012

This week’s guest post is from Steve Brugger, Board Chair for Explorations in Math. If you would like to write a guest post, please contact Dave Gardner.

A few months into 2012 and it’s already shaping up to be a big year for Explorations in Math.  My name is Steve Brugger and, after 4+ years on the board of EIM, I’ve been asked to take on the position of Board Chair. During those four years I experienced first-hand the amazing dedication and commitment of Katie Klein and then Laura Larson in the same role, so I did not make the decision to become board chair lightly. But what an amazing time to have this opportunity!

Our most recent newsletter goes to the heart of why I am so excited.  Over  the past 4 years I have watched as the EIM staff have worked tirelessly to improve each of our in-school programs, develop better measurement and effectiveness tools, increase the size and quality of our community events and build our base of corporate and community supporters.  Our goal was to build a solid foundation – a launch platform to take our message of fun, relevant and engaging math programs for elementary students to an ever widening audience.  And now, we are doing just that - growing!

In our own backyard, our success with our Seattle school partners, and on the Eastside with our successful launch into the Lake Washington School District, has gotten enough “buzz” that we are now being approached by other schools and districts that want to implement our programs to build a positive math culture in their schools.  The word is certainly getting out!

And our two pilot programs are just as exciting. In partnership with the Pacific Science Center, we are integrating our programs into their successful science outreach efforts that service communities and schools, and will be able to touch thousands of students and families throughout the state.

Our second pilot program came about in a somewhat serendipitous way.  Last year we invited Greg White, the CEO of LEARN Charter School Network in Chicago, to speak at our annual fundraiser about building a culture of success in inner city schools.  He knew very little of our work in our community but when he arrived here and saw our programs in action, he knew he had to present us to his staff.  Our team immediately won them over and just last month we launched EIM programming in the South Chicago LEARN Campus – and are planning launches in five more!

I am honored to be able to work with the staff, board and all our loyal supporters who believe so strongly in the mission of EIM - to build a sustainable math culture in elementary school communities. Thanks to you, we ARE making a difference and helping our kids to be successful in tomorrow’s world.


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